Handmade Pizza Baseready to taste

Fragrance, lightness and authenticity: the secret ingredients of our doughs!

The pizza base is a dough already leavened and leveled by hand, it comes in round or rectangular formats of different sizes, ready to be stuffed.

Our fresh precooked pizza bases are packaged in a protected atmosphere, free of preservatives, additives and flavorings.

Designed to meet the needs of each store, the fresh pizza bases are made to have finished products with a unique and genuine flavor, ready to be enjoyed.

The long natural leavening, the hand-spreading, the cooking on stone and the different hydration of the dough are characteristics that make our pizza bases unique.

The final result is a much lighter, more digestible and tasty artisan product than the classic pizza.

Pizza bases now also available in a KAMUT version, made using KAMUT dough from Khorasan wheat, and a WHOLE-WHEAT version made from whole-wheat flour.

— Why our pizza bases are special?

A tasty pizza made with quality ingredients, as good as freshly baked.

All our fresh pizza bases, cooked on stone, free of preservatives and additives, are packaged in a protected atmosphere and designed for sale and storage in the refrigerated counter.

We carefully choose the raw materials and ingredients of our pizza bases: quality comes first for us!

When we tell you that our production is 100% artisanal, it is because each step involves many dough hands assisted by modern production technologies.

Discover our range of fresh bases for pizza and pinsa romana!

Base per pizza precotta - Europizza

Round handmade pizza base

Our fresh pizza bases, packaged in ATP, are made to have a semi-finished product with a unique and genuine flavor, ready to be filled and tasted.

: 20 cm, 26 cm, 28 cm, 30 cm, 33 cm, 40 cm, 45 cm, 50 cm.

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Base per pizza rettangolare fatta a mano - Europizza

Handmade rectangular pizza base

Our rectangular Pizza Base, gently rolled out by hand, is suitable to be filled as you like.

It is available in the following sizes
: 30 × 15, 30 × 50, 30 × 60 and 60 × 40 cm.

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Focaccia rustica - Europizza

HIGH handmade rectangular Rustic Focaccia

Strong taste and crunchy soul. Focaccia Rustica is suitable for being stuffed inside like a classic Roman focaccia.

Available sizes: 60 × 40 and 30 × 50 cm.

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Rectangular tomato pizza

The softness of a genuine, fragrant and light dough, combined with the best traditional ingredients, for an inimitable taste. Our stuffed pizzas combine goodness with practicality and lightness. Size 60 × 40 cm.

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Pizza tonda al pomodoro - Europizza

Round tomato pizza 420 g

The Pizza Tonda al Pomodoro, made only with natural ingredients and without preservatives, is the ideal base to give space to your creativity and invent your favorite pizzas every day!

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Pinsa alla Romana Fresca

Pinsa Romana

Our pizza dough is made with high-quality ingredients, with no preservatives or OGM, and it is perfect for every kind of pizza you want to make.

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base pizza kamut

Kamut pizza base

Artisan Pizza Base, completely handmade. Made using KAMUT dough from Khorasan wheat.

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Base pizza integrale

WHOLE-WHEAT pizza base

A version of the traditional pizza base made with whole-wheat flour.

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