Kamut pizza base

Kamut pizza base 33 cm - 5 pcs

Artisan kamut Pizza Base, completely handmade. Made using KAMUT dough from Khorasan wheat, known for its remarkable nutritional properties, which makes this pizza light, soft, and highly digestible.

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Confezione per cartone / Pkg. per carton qty – 2
Pz. per confezione / Pcs. per package qty – 5
Peso Netto / Net Weight – 1380g
Shelf life (days) – 90

With only natural ingredients

Without additives and preservatives.

Long leavening

With natural leaven that gives the final product a unique taste.

Friend of health

Low fat product without any OGM or derivate.

Made in Italy

Artisanal manufacturing process, ingredients wholly natural and coming from local crops.

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