Artisans by family

Europizza srl was born in 2001 in Umbria, a beautiful region known as the Green Heart of Italy, full of history, legends, and traditions, most of them about food and cooking.
The company is specialized in artisanal semifinished products, Focaccia Umbra and filled pizza. Since the beginning, Europizza has been run by the founding family, which transmitted the passion for the tradition and genuineness of Italian typical products.
The whole production is the result of the union between the most advanced types of machinery and the true artisanal production process, and each pizza is singularly hand-kneaded, to obtain a final product with a unique taste.

The ingredients are the main secret of this work. Europizza selects only natural and locally grown high-quality raw materials, which are the base for fragrant and tasty final products. This high-quality production process is certified by a certain number of quality certifications: since 2011, important changings have been applied to the whole production line to obtain the IFS-BRC quality certification.

“The true pizza is food, symbol, and rite.”

(Gaetano Alfetra)

“The young man goes faster than the old one, but the old man knows the path”

(African proverb)

The productive process is a crucial element to be considered and well defined when it has to be combined with tradition and artisanal manufacturing.
If every stage of the original and traditional productive process is not strictly accomplished, owing for example to the company necessity to answer a rising market demand in a shorter amount of time, there may be a very fast, and also unaware, change from the artisanal production into the industrial one. This change can also affect the quality of the product, threatening particularly the taste and the fragrance that only an artisanal traditionally-made product can have. The respect of tradition and history is what really makes the difference between an industrial product and an artisanal one.

Europizza believes in the traditional productive process as the only true distinctive element that can make a product competitive and unique among all the industrial ones. As a consequence, the company has adopted a wholly hand-made based productive process, which provides that every pizza must be totally hand-manipulated and hand-packed, after a natural long leaving time and using exclusively natural and local raw materials, no additives and no OGM.
The result is a soft and fragrant pizza dough, ready to use and to be stored in the refrigerator.