Pizza Bases, traditional focaccia and focaccia umbra, made with artisanal manufacturing, the best selected ingredients and completely hand made.

What is more tasty, delicious and Italian than pizza and focaccia? These two dishes are the most famous and globally widespread food all over the world. Making pizza is not just a matter of cooking, it is an art, a combination of ingredients, gestures, and passion that have passed from generation to generation until our days.
Europizza is the union of passion and tradition, as every pizza is hand-kneaded, thoroughly controlled and manipulated by true professional pizza makers.
This is neither a standardized nor an industrial product, but a true artisanal Italian pizza that is made with 100% genuine Italian raw materials.

— Our strengths


Our products are 100% Made in Italy with selected ingredients. All our products are completely hand-made and the dough is worked with the same passion and movements as in the past.

Long leavening

Goodness needs time. The dough of our pizza bases, traditional focaccia and other products, have a long and natural leavening, so it becomes incredibly soft, fragrant, easy to digest and healthy.

No preservatives and No OGM

We use exclusively natural ingredients coming from local crops, without any OGM or derivate.

Low fat

The artisanal manufacturing process we chose to apply makes our products contain low fat and can be suitable also for a low-fat diet.


Products packaged in a protected atmosphere, suitable for family consumption and to be used as semi-finished products.

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Semi-finished products of excellent quality to be used as a base for finished products, as good as freshly baked. For bars, deli counters, restaurants.

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Products specifically designed for distribution in Discount chains.

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Bases for pizza, traditional Focaccia and Focaccia Umbra, to be stuffed and baked. They are kept at room temperature. ready in 5 minutes!

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