The project

The takeaway project is realized in cooperation and partnership with our qualified customers.

The main goal is to maximize the profitability in the customers’ store.

In this way: the store prepares and dresses the pizza bases, delivered by Europizza, packaging and placing them in the exhibition stand at customers’ disposal; few minutes in the oven and the pizza is ready to be enjoyed.

Europizza is willing to consider to give the equipment to customers, free and temporarily, as well as a training session for retailer staff to use the equipment provided. These are composed by:

  • exhibition stand to place in front of the delicatessen 
  • counter packaging

For an initial time of about 4 months: in this way, the customer does not have to make any investment to prove the quality of the project


The Pizza Take Away project’s advantages for the store are real:

  • Increase in gross profit.
  • More customers’ transit near the delicatessen counter, this guarantees better visibility to the counter.
  • Better use of counter products.
  • An higher productivity of the counter’s staff, and when they’re not so busy they can prepare and cook pizzas if the delicatessen counter has included the oven.
  • Increase of enthusiasm and professional motivation in the staff through the opportunity to try new recipes and prepare their pizzas.
  • The exhibition stand given on loan by Europizza allows a greater visibility of the product.
  • Different product offerings from the competition.
  • Improvement of the store image, Pizza TakeAway project develops a good customers service and offers a product ready to be enjoyed at home just after a few minutes of cooking.
  • Opportunity to test the new service without having to buy products and delicatessen counter.

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